Anglapro Outlaw


Stability, Speed and room to move! Starting from $22,248 BMT (50hp)

The Outlaw... Stability, speed, ride, storage, room to move, all sounds pretty good doesn't it? Well at Anglapro we heard the call from the crew that hunt in those tricky spots, that carry so much stuff and still want a clean deck, that love boats but hate instability at rest, that want to get over there in a hurry without the broken back, that's the wish list we worked on and the one we delivered in the Outlaw.

A side console that looks awesome and with a personality too. When you get to know an Outlaw it's the little things that counts like a comfortable seat that slides to a position that suits you, a console that fits everything in without wasting the ever precious floor space, rod locker, casting decks, under deck storage, rounded checker plate foredecks, it's all there.

Outlaw CLX 434 & Sports 4.3 Trailer
Outlaw CLX 454 & Sports 4.7M-13B Trailer
Outlaw CLX 484 & Sports 4.7M-13B Trailer

Outlaw Pro 434 & Sports 4.3B Trailer
Outlaw Pro 454 & Sports 4.7M-13B Trailer
Outlaw Pro 484 & Sports 4.7M-13B Trailer

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  • Length Overall: 4.34m (14′ 3″Ft)
  • Hull Material: Aluminium
  • Reference: AOutlaw

Price : $22,248 AUD

  • Builder
  • Launched 2021
  • Registration Number
  • Engine
  • Hours Approx.
  • Lying St Kilda Marina
  • Boat Length 4.34m (14′ 3″Ft)

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