St Kilda Marina & Wyndham Harbour
Victoria Australia

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Maintenance does not have to be a chore, get into the routine and maintain your boat, it will make you and your family safer on the water!

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Need maintenance, repairs, love and attention, or simply get answers to your service questions?
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St Kilda Marina

We're on the waters edge at St Kilda Marina, only 8km from the Merlbourne CBD.
No better test conditions than out in Port Phillip Bay!

Where possible, every boat we service is fully bay-tested before customer handover.... Just one of the many customer benefits of our unique location, right on the water’s edge. You can't get that from surburbia!

Land: Located on waters edge, northern end of Marina complex towards the Lighthouse. (Use intercom or your gate key to enter behind Riva Restaurant).

Water: Or visit us by boat, free mooring available right outside our Service Centre.

Boat Delivery & Relocation

Boat Deliveries - Anywhere you WANT

We offer full marina-to-marina delivery service including; pack down, relocation, set up upon arrival and boat lessons!

  • On road (Trailer and/or Truck)
  • On water (With our Skipper)

Restoration & Refurbishment

Why not find an older style boat and fully restore her to her original (or even better) condition. 
At our Service Centre we have teams of well-qualified marine trades, ideally suited to undertake all levels of a restoration and/or refurbishment project. "As yet we haven't found a project -  that is too hard". Why not, talk to us about your plans?

One of our customers Jon Lechte has just completed his comprehensive refurbishment and rebuild, of a Bertram 28 Flybridge Cruiser, purchased from us.

So enthusuastic is Jon about the project, he's even created his own website! Read about his Bertram 28 project.


Boat Wash & Detail

As part of our desire to provide a complete and pleasurable boating experience, we offer premium Valet services using the finest equipment for our discerning clientele;

  • Hand-Washing (Outside and Cockpit, Inside)
  • Cut N' Polish
  • Fibreglass Repair   and
  • Vessel Provisioning Services

Our team of experienced washers and detailers will ensure your vessel of any size (trailerable and in-water cruisers) will be washed, polished and even machine-detailed to ensure she looks great,  ready for you to use.

We welcome the opportunity to look after your boat on a regular cycle or even just a one off, because she's looking tired!;

  • Weekly
  • Fortnightly
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Half Yearly
  • Annually

Ask us about our vessel Provisioning Service;

  • Laundry (Bedding, Sheets and Towels)
  • Alcohol, Ice and Snacks (planned for next summer)
  • Hire our Skipper (ideal for corporate events and special occasions)


Antifoul / Slipping

Antifouling for both new boats and a re-Antifoul service is offered.

Yes - we can slip your boat using:

•  Marina forklift

•  Launch trailers

•  Utilize our on-site crane to lift the larger boats out of the water.

Pressure clean your hull, Anode replacement, Fibreglass repairs and stainless steel fabrication service is available on-site.

Chandlery & Oil's

We also have a full range of Boating Accessories, spare -parts, and chandlery.


•  Mercury and Quicksilver Outboard and Sterndrive Oils.

•  Yamalube Oils,

•  Bombardier Sea-Doo Oils.

•  Evinrude & Johnson outboard Oils.


We stock a comprehensive range of Safety Gear including Life Jackets PFD1 & PFD2, Flares, EPIRB and Fire Extinguishers.

Boat Care Accessories for cleaning and maintaining your boat.

Trailer Accessories including Wheel Bearings, Trailer Plugs, Boat Tie Downs, and Trailer grease.

Electrical + Navigation + Entertainment Systems and Accessories:

  • Echo Sounder / Fish Finder
  • GPS / Chart Plotter
  • Radar / Auto-Pilot
  • Electronic Charts (Navionics and C-Map)
  • Music Systems (CD, AM/FM, Stackers, Speakers, Aerials)
  • TV / DVD (VHS, LCD, Digital)
  • Intercom
  • Marine Radio (27Mhz, VHF)
  • Refrigeration
  • Freezer
  • Toilet Systems
  • Holding Tanks
  • Hot Water Systems

Fuel Sales

St Kilda Boat Sales Service Centre operates the on-water fuel dock here at St Kilda Marina.
We offer a 24hr Fuel Service System for Diesel and Unleaded fuel via our 'Pay & Go' system.
The fuel delivery equipment and holding tanks are owned by St Kilda Marina Pty Ltd.

NO ETHANOL - The Boating Industry Association, together with the Marine Engine Manufacturers and several leading Boat Builders in Australia, do not support the use of Ethanol and/or Fuel Additives for marine applications. Consequently only quality ULP and "full strength" Diesel are sold at this Marina.

For more information, click here:

Safe Operation - Bowsers, Card Swipe & Equipment

The safety of you and your passengers is the marina's primary concern.

Our refuelling safety warning, equipment instructions and your vessel/engine owners manual MUST be read before you attempt to refuel your vessel: 

Refuelling Safety Warning,  (Acrobat .pdf).

Trade-A-Boat refuelling feature. Well-written story on correct proceedures with quality illustrations (Acrobat .pdf)

Vessel Refuelling Safety Checklist (Acrobat .pdf) from: Transport Safety Victoria

Print-out proceedures and keep onboard your vessel. For all questions FUEL related, please call Andrew 0418-553 235

In addition, there are Operation instructions signage located at the bowser precinct for; Safety Equipment, Refuelling Instructions, Bowser Operation and use of the Card-Swipe System.

Open to Marina Members & General Public

Did you know we are a preferred supplier of quality fuel to Victorian emergency services?

* Water Police
* Coast Guard
* Transport Safety Victoria
* Department of Defence; Army & Navy
* Port Security

Consequently, we will have plenty of quality fuel (Diesel & Unleaded) in our storage tanks to cover the Christmas & New Year period! So there is no need to worry about supply with our fuel dock open 24-7 for your convenience.


Woo Hoo....  You can now swipe your credit card (Visa or MasterCard) at the bowser 24/7. You no longer need to get a pre-paid card with credit. 

Note: All Credit Card payments will attract a surcharge.

Fuel Prices

Our goal is to provide genuinely competitive pricing for vessel fuel from our 'FUEL DOCK' which is conveniently located on the bay with great access - it's that simple.
The fuel dock is open to everyone (not just marina members) so you're welcome to fill up your PWC, Runabout or Cruiser up-to 75 foot*.

Visit our website homepage to see the current fuel prices for both Diesel and ULP, it's updated every Friday.

* It's important your check tides, draft and mooring access during the peak holiday season - as this marina gets really busy!


Ethanol Blended Fuel

Date:     25/11/2009
From:   International Marine, (makers of Caribbean Boats)

   Notice to ALL dealers

For immediate circulation to all

With the increasing availability of ethanol blended fuels, we find it timely to reiterate our caution as listed in our Boat Owner’s Manual regarding its use in boats.

Ethanol blended fuels are NOT suitable for use in FRP and aluminium fuel tanks, NOR are they suitable for the fuel system and the motor/s installed.

We would therefore urge you to pass on this very important information to all your customers with petrol powered boats of any brand. 

John Barbar
International Marine Pty. Ltd

Boating Industry - Says NO to Ethanol

Boating Industry Association of Victoria (BIA)  has warned Victorian boat owners not to use ethanol fuels in their boats to avoid potentially costly damage to engines and fuel systems.

The warning comes after it was determined by government officials that the shelf life of ethanol fuel can be as little as two to three weeks.

With many boat owners not using their boats every weekend, the fuel can start separating and cause engine damage once it reaches its expiry date.

BIA General Manger Robert Coco said BIA Victoria was committed to alerting boat owners of the damage that ethanol fuel could do to boats that were not in regular use.

“Whilst many engines are fine with a 10% ethanol blend, the shelf life of ethanol puts boat motors in danger of damage,” he said.

“Boaters should check that the petrol they are using is ethanol free, by looking at the labels at service stations before filling up.

“Ethanol can eat into fibreglass fuel tanks and other parts of the fuel system, which in turn can lead to harmful deposits in the engine.”

Non-ethanol fuel is still readily available in Victoria, although not in New South Wales, which can be an issue for boaters on the Murray and other northern waterways.

Regular unleaded fuel in New South Wales had 2% ethanol, which is set to increase to 4% by 2010 and 6% by 2011.

Premium unleaded is the only ethanol-free fuel in NSW, which has prompted many marinas to stock only premium to avoid the risks associated with ethanol.

All pumps in Victoria that dispense ethanol blend petrol should have the percentage of ethanol in the petrol clearly displayed.

If not, it can be reported by phoning: 1800 803 772.

No Ethanol / Additives sold at St Kilda Marina Fuel Dock

St Kilda Boat Sales operates the Fuel Dock at St Kilda Marina and does not supply fuel containing Ethanol nor any other Additives.

Whilst we take environmental and conservation issues very seriously, the use of Ethanol and any other Additives has been proven to cause damage to your boats engine and fuel tank. Therefore, potentially putting life and mechanical integrity of your vessel and/or engine(s) at risk. A risk we were not willing to chance.

Our fuel is sourced directly from BP and several years ago, we consulted BP and the major marine engine manufacturers including: Mercury, Honda and BRP (Evinrude) and vessel builder International Marine (makers of Caribbean / Bertram) who were all in agreement - that it was not reccomended for a "marine application".

However (and not to be misunderstood), the use of Ethanol or other substitute additive, in a motor vehicle is supported, due to the nature of vehicle engines and fuel tank composition in motor vehicles.

Consequently, following discussion with the Boating Industry Association of Victoria (BIA) who was also of the same independant opinion, we made a simple policy and that was to supply the best quality fuels available to us in the most environmentally friendly manner, WITHOUT Ethanol or any other fuel Additive.

This policy still remains current today, we are not about to substitute quality, nor mess with our customers lives or thier engines.....So we continue to have a "watching brief" under the guidance of the engine manufacturers and the BIA Vic, and will advise of any future developments in this very emotional issue.

Mercury 3+2 Warranty Program

Outboards Purchased from Jan 1st, 2007 are Eligible for the 3 + 2 Warranty

Mercury Marine is offering its customers a two year bonus warranty on top of its existing three year factory warranty – to provide as total of 5 years protection on its full range of consumer Outboard products. *

* 2-Stroke
* FourStroke
* OptiMax
* Verado

The bonus two years of warranty are factory-backed and give the same comprehensive warranty coverage as Mercury Marine’s standard 3 year manufacturer’s warranty (including labour) for failures caused by defect in material or workmanship. For full details of the warranty coverage and exclusions please refer to the factory warranty policy and conditions which are set out in your Operation and Maintenance Manual (see “Warranty Information”).

Provided that the Bonus Warranty Conditions have been met, the additional 2-year warranty becomes effective when the standard 3-year factory limited warranty expires. The bonus warranty will terminate upon failure to meet any of the Bonus Warranty Conditions.

Bonus Warranty Conditions:

* The Mercury Marine specified pre-delivery inspection process for the outboard must be completed and documented by your Dealer. Warranty coverage becomes available upon proper registration of the product by the Dealer.
* An Authorised Service Centre must perform the recommended routine servicing/maintenance requirements and repairs and log these with Mercury.
* The recommended service intervals and maintenance recommendations must be adhered to (3mth/20hr, 12mth/100hr, 2yr/200hr, 3yr/300hr, 4yr/400hr, 5yr/500hr).
* Genuine Quicksilver parts, oils and lubes must be used for service and repairs.
* Services must be recorded in your logbook and registered on-line by your authorised dealer.


Total coverage will be for a period of 5 years.

* Conditions and exclusions apply
** For a listing of all Authorised Service Centres please refer to the enclosed Authorised Dealer List or


Products that have been modified or altered from their original production configuration are not eligible for Mercury 3 + 2 Year Warranty. The addition of, or replacement with, parts or accessories not approved by Mercury Marine, or not installed by an Authorised Service Centre, will be cause for your Mercury Marine Outboard + 2-year warranty to be cancelled. This may also affect your rights under the 3 year standard factory warranty.

Eligible Products:

New Mercury & Mariner Outboards (other than non-eligible products) purchased after January 1, 2007, from a dealer authorised by Mercury Marine to distribute the product in Australia *** which are used solely for please applications.

Non-Eligible Products and Uses:

Racing and Mercury Performance Products, regardless of length of warranty period. Products used by local, State, or Federal Government or volunteer agencies. Products used in any work, boat rental, time-share/multiple ownership or employment related use, or any use of the product, which generates income, for any part of the warranty period, even if the product is only occasionally used for such purposes.

Period of Coverage:

The Mercury additional 2 Year warranty coverage will commence once the product’s standard limited warranty period (3 years) has expired. The total duration of the coverage will be five (5) years.
Unexpired warranty coverage can be transferred to a subsequent purchaser upon proper re-registration of the product.

Additional Warranty Information and Conditions:

Additional information regarding your outboard’s factory warranty policy and conditions can be found in your Operation and Maintenance Manual (see “Warranty Information”).

*** This warranty applies only to Mercury and Mariner outboards imported and distributed by Mercury Marine Australia Asia Pacific

Please check the Mercury website ( for more details on direct imports.

Marine Covers & Trimming

Our Service Centre are pleased to now offer the on-site quality craftsmanship of Aussie Boat Covers. Located within our Service Centre complex, we now offer quality marine trimming at competitive prices for all makes and types of vessels including; Power, Sail and PWC.

Using the latest in marine-grade materials such as: VYBAK, Strata-Glass and Sunbrella, we supply: Covers, Upholstery, Carpets, Curtains, Flybridge and Cockpit Clears. Custom designs, repairs and refurbishments are our specialty.

Ask us to quote, simply call our Service Centre on 03) 9534-8213. Insurance claims welcome.


We offer Credit Card facilities (MasterCard and Visa) and EFTPOS. CASH is accepted and personal / company cheques will be accepted to repeat customers only.

Note: Credit Card surcharge applies. 

Shiprepairers - Terms and Conditions

All works/repairs undertaken by our Service Centre, are subject to the customers understanding and accpetance of our: 'Shiprepairers - Standard Terms & Conditions of Vessel Slipping and/or Repair'.

Click here to download your copy: Shiprepairers - Standard Terms & Conditions.


A must read for novice boaties, old salts, your partner and the kids...

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