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Sell Your Boat

Sell, Sell, Sell


Darren Finkelstein knows boats. 

"Through Darren we sold our 37 foot sportscruiser in four weeks, from first meeting to deal done and the sale price was well within our expectations. Darren explained in detail how the sale process would take place. He then facilitated everything and kept us advised throughout".

"We would enthusiastically recommend Darren to any prospective boat seller.” 

Greg McManus & Sandra Taylor


"I’ve bought and sold several boats from Darren at St Kilda Boat Sales for many of years now and actively recommend him to many of my friends. He sure knows what he is doing". 

"When it comes to power boats, Darren is my MAN".

Andrew Fox - LINFOX


Looking to sell your vessel before buying another... or simply, time to move on? 

Our technology-based sales and marketing campaigns work, targetting the right buyer at the right price Australia-wide.

Ask about the St Kilda Boat Sales NO SELL - NO FEE guarantee
​Our expertise and advice is so highly-respected, we've even written a best-selling book about the process. Let us sell your boat!

As a seller, our experience suggests there are three main options available to you;

NO SELL - NO FEE Guarantee

We are prepared to put our money where our mouth is by offering our unique  NO SELL - NO FEE guarantee. 

What means to you?

We will only receive our agreed sales commission, once we sell your vessel for a price - that you accept! The ball's in your court... 
Given that we will pay all the agreed advertising and marketing expenses to find that buyer, you really have nothing to spend upfront and there's no down-side for you as the seller. 

What have you got to loose by giving us your listing. Now that's a great deal for our vendors!

OPTION 1:    Cash Paid

Needing a quick settlement, we are happy to pay CASH to buy your BOAT outright - and right now! Regardless of the condition and provided she has clear title (see below) just provide us with proof of your ownership and we are happy to take her off your hands, immediately - at an agreed price!

Simply, tell us how much and let us inspect!

OPTION 2:    Consignment + Brokerage Sale

With two terrific on-water, marina based locations underpinned by a strong reputation (Australia-wide) for offering a high-degree of service and for finding the right buyer at the right price, why not appoint St Kilda Boat Sales to sell your Runabout, Sports or Flybridge Cruiser. Let Us Sell your Boat.

We are very good at what we do....Acting as your sales / vendor agent, we'll undertake our proven and unique thirteen critical elements that form our National Sales Campaign. All designed to find the right buyer at the right price.  (see below for details)

We are a Boating Industry Association of Victoria; Accredited Dealer/Broker and current financial members of the association. As such, we are audited, government licenced and certified. This is underpinned with adherance to strict industry Code of Practice and Code of Ethics. This means peace of mind in know that your dealing with a reputable company who goes that extra yard to ensure a good experience for our buyers and sellers alike.

OPTION 3:   Trade In

We're delighted to discuss a trade-in deal of your current boat for one of our new Caribbean Trailerable Runabouts (16ft to 21ft) or Flybridge Cruisers (24ft to 49ft). Ask us to arrange an inspection of your current boat.

Our marketing and sales strategies are both unique and far reaching, enabling vessels to be sold at strong prices all over Australia.

Given our companies reputation for selling quality, well looked after boats mostly with low engine hours, we find particularly during the winter months, over 50% of our boats sold are to residents of QLD, WA and NSW where their boating season is all-year round. We can arrange vessel pack down, road or sea transport and registration transfers.

Let's Begin....

Firstly, so we are all singing off the same song sheet, ask us for our free market appraisal (see below) to establish the retail value of your recreational Vessel and/or Trailer. We specialise in 'recreational power boats' only, sadly we're unable to assist with either 'sail or commercial vessels'.

How much do we charge? Our fee structure

Our fee for service (sales commission) is in-line with the Australian marine industry and is totally performance based and calculated on the actual sell price or your vessel.

Consequently, we only receive our agreed sales commission, once we sell your vessel for a price - which you accept. This is our NO SELL - NO FEE guarantee.

1>   % of the actual sales price    OR

2>   Flat $ fee

Our fee structure is inclusive of;

     *   ALL advertising fees and charges for our standard campaign (as listed below)
     *   Victorian Transfer of Registration fees
     *   Vessel storage at either: St Kilda Marina (trailer and in-water) or at Wyndham Harbour (in-water only) for the duration of the agreed sales campaign (see conditions below). 

Give our Michael Polan Dealer Principal a call on 0409 800 523 or 03) 9525-5500 to discuss your specific vessel.

What's your boat worth? 

Just fill in the email form below and upon receipt, we'll do the appropriate market research and within 48 hours, provide you with a personalized, confidential & realistic market appraisal, at no charge.

We are an approved Club Marine Insurance Valuer so we are credible. Our Market Appraisals are always based on facts such as recent sales of similar or like vessels, replacement values and buyer enquiry.

Click here to email us details of your recreational vessel that requires appraisal and we'll formally value her within 2 business days from receipt of request.

TIP:  Answer all of the questions in the spaces provided. You must include photos of everything; outside, inside, helm, engines and trailer. This assists us in gaining a good understanding of your vessel and her presentation.  Pictures also gives us a chance to see your vessels: options, accessories, fixtures and fittings that are included.

Please ensure to leave us your name and mobile number, just in case we have any questions from your information supplied.

Tips and Advice....  
6 handy hints for preparing your boat for sale

1. Presentation is really important. Remove all items that are not included with the sale. Buyer's do not like seeing messy or untidy vessels, especially full of the seller's personal items. This perception makes buyers feel like the vessel including the engine(s) has not been cared for.

Experience suggests that ‘junk and stuff’ aboard makes the boat feel smaller. Clutter makes some buyers feel insecure, about how the owner cares for the boat!

2. Collate all your paperwork. At the time of formalising your listing with us, ‘Dealer Accreditation Regulations' require us to retain copies of the following:

     * Your Proof of Ownership (your original receipt of purchase)
     * Current Victorian Registration for both Vessel and/or Trailer
     * Service, Repair and Maintenance Receipts, these form the 'service history'.
     * Owners’ Manuals, Booklets and Paper
     * Current insurance policy or current Certificate of Currency
     * Set of Engine and Cabin Keys

3. Service your Boat and/or Trailer before we list her for sale and reapply Antifoul, if needed. Retain your service receipts as it offers proof and validation to the buyer that she's been well-cared for.

Remember, a vessel that has recently been serviced, removes the need of the buyer to discount your vessel even further, when they make their offer. The less a buyer feels he needs to spend to get the vessel onto the water now.....simply means less money the buyer needs to discount, the more for you!

4. Your vessel and/or Trailer will need to pass a detailed pre-purchase inspection and sea-trial carried-out by a suitably qualified person or marine professional as part of the offer process.

The inspection will be paid-for by the buyer, so everything that is wrong with the vessel (regardless of the seller's disclosure) will get questioned, checked and tested. Please hide nothing, it will be cheaper for you in the long-run!

5. Remember that buyer's are not silly, they are educated and pay good money for a pre-purchase inspection. So inspector's are getting paid to find problems and/or issues. Nothing goes unreported or slips-by, so your honest disclosure saves us all in the long run!

6. ‘The Law Of Reciprocity' - Do unto others as you would like them to do to you...

Engagement of St Kilda Boat Sales

To begin the sales process, please print, read and sign our Engagement of Agent for all Brokerage and/or Consignment sales. (1mb Acrobat .pdf).

Additionally, to comply with 'Dealer Accreditation' for the Boating Industry Association of Victoria - all Vendors will need to complete a simple questionaire known as Vendor Statement.

The purpose of these documents is to confirm;

1>  Your ownership of the actual Vessel and/or Trailer
2>  The appointment of St Kilda Boat Sales to sell your vessel and on what basis. i.e: duration of appointment and exclusivity of listing.
3>  The fee for service (sales commission) which is payable by the seller, to St Kilda Boat Sales upon sale
4>  Confirmation of whether or not the vessel is under finance and is supported by a Stautory Declaration (see below) as confirmation.
5>  The agreed "sell price range" outlining high and low ranges
6>  Outlines ALL fee's and charges for the marketing and advertising of your vessel, to the wider marketplace.
7>  Statement of purpose for which the vendor has been using the vessel
8>  Basic information in relation to the vendors experience of using the vessel. This will be passed onto the buyer at settlement.

All documents MUST only be completed and signed by the actual vessel owner(s) or by appointed representative (under Power of attorney or the Executor of a deceased estate). These will also be co-signed by a representative of St Kilda Boat Sales. Copies will be retained by both parties for future reference.

Selling with clear-title

The Personal Property Security Register (PPSR) is a national online register that can provide information to help protect consumers when they are buying personal property such as cars, boats or artworks (not including land or buildings).

Do a PPSR check to see if the boat and trailer have any monies ownig on them. Click here to SEARCH the PPSR for watrercraft

Ensure you complete a check of the PPSR before you buy, that way you can find out if the personal property you are buying has a security interest attached to it. This is important because if you buy property subject to a security interest, it is possible that the person or entity with the security interest will repossess it. 

a> Before the sales process begins, we will ask you for full disclosure of all finance agreements in place, that cover a third parties financial interest in the vessel (eg: Bank, Finance Company, Business or an Individual).  To confirm the vessel will be sold to any future purchaser with clear title, we ask for a statutory declaration to be submitted asap.

Statutory Declaration, for vessels owned by an individual - click here to download (.pdf)

Statutory Declaration, for vessel owned by a company - click here to download (.pdf)

This Stat Dec needs to be suitably witnessed by a qualified individual.
Qualified witnesses are: Police Officers, Pharmacists, Accountants, Solicitors etc.
Who can sign as a witness?

b> Should your vessel have monies owning to any 3rd party, we ask for a written confirmation of the payout figures plus all contract numbers and banking details. It is our role ensure that all interested parties are paid out (in full) at the time of settlement.

c> Settlement will not take place until this is confirmed and that clear funds are made available in the event of a payout shortfall or deficit. All surplus funds will be credited to the lawful vessel owner.

This above process is a legal requirement of our company both as a Licensed Second-Hand Dealer in the State of Victoria and proud member of the Boating Industry Association for which we are Dealer Accredited.

Failure to accurately disclose, may result in litigation and could result in heavy fines and/or imprisonment.


National Sales Campaign

Our sales campaign is considered unique within the marine industry and designed to uncover genuine buyers from all over Australia for your vessel.

It's our proven and unique sales process which removes time wasters and dreamers, leaving us with genuine buyers keen to move forward, fairly quickly.

Read a buyers testimonial
Read all our testimonials

Our typical national advertising campaign, consists of the following components;                                                 

1.   VIDEO

Our HD Video Tour is streamed over the internet ( and from our You Tube channel ( 

Our Video Tours are particulary effective where viewing your boat is difficult! Our buyer profiles suggest that this emotional connection actually speeds up the sales process and buyers who have physically inspected your boat after watching our Video Tour are actually better qualified and are stronger as a sales prospect. Works a treat for interstate or country buyers, where they cannot easily inspect your boat.




Comprehensive Internet Advertising program - including our own highly ranked and well followed site:

Five Boats will be randomly selected each month to appear on the home (front) page of our website under the heading: Captain's Choice Featured Used Boats. We will endevour to enusre that every vessel is featured at least once during the sales campaign which enhances your vessels exposure.


Your vessel will be advertised on each of the following leading marine websites.



4.   S.E.O

High-page ranking for internet searches. Search Engine Optimization (SOE) is critical to our success. Consequently, we are proud to have strong-page rankings and key-word searches within both leading search providers;


Distribution of new listings witth weblinks to our vessel listing, on leading social media sites including; Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.


Creation of our detailed A4 Vessel Inventory (.pdf colour brochure) which includes:

  • Digital Photo's x 5 and 12 on our website using our panorama wide-angle lens for maximum impact.
  • Individual QR code to direct buyers to our dedicated page on our website to exclusively showcase your boat.
  • Lists all the technical specifications, options and accessories that are fitted to your boat.


Display advertising of your vessel inventory at both of our sales office windows located on the main promenade at both: St Kilda Marina and at Wyndham Harbour. Our 'window of dreams' is popular to all marina members, visitors and walk-by foot traffic. 


Our 'For Sale Board' will affixed to your boat. This is optional as some buyers wish to retain privacy which is respected. This board is easily removable and affixed by cable ties.


Free Marina Berthing is offered to you, whilst your boat is listed with us exclusively for sale at St Kilda Marina or Wyndam Harbour. Conditions apply see below*, spaces limited and subject to availability.


Free Boat & Trailer at St Kilda Marina only is offered for smaller trailerable boats listed with us exclusively for saleConditions apply see below*, spaces limited and subject to availability.

11.  EDM (Electronic Direct Marketing)

Your boat will feature as our 'Boat Of The Week' in our weekly Beach N' Bay reports distributed via EDM every Thrusday to our database of approx. 9,000 boaties.

This applies to in-water boats only and is on a rotation basis, therefore we guarantee at least one feature highlighting your boat, during your sales campaign.


Contract preparation, negotiation and execution in accordance with industry best-practice and the documented process which is required for all 'Accredited Boat Dealers' of the Boating Industry Association of Victoria.


Vic Roads transfer lodgement. We are Vic Roads Dealer Certified and offer in-house; transfers & inspections, you don't have to lodge a thing, we will do it all for you....This applies to Victorian registered vessels and trailers only and on behalf of the buyer and seller - provided they are both Victorian licence holders.


Our Free Marina Berth or Dry Storage Offer - Explained*

We are delighted to provide our vendors with 'free' storage during your sales campaign at both or St Kilda Marina and Wyndham Harbour locations.

Our offfer applies to:

* Wet Storage - for in water boats (25ft or 7.62m +) 
* Dry storage - for trailer boats (to 25ft or 7.62m)

This offer is open to all vendors who have appointed St Kilda Boat Sales exclusively and complete all of our necessary 'listing paperwork'.

Sadly, it is not available to vendors who have jointly listed their boat for sale with us and another boat broker who will work in conjunction.
We do however offer discounted monthly storage rates, so please ask.

Our free storage offer is to be used for the purposes of St Kilda Boat Sales SELLING your boat only.

Marina management at both St Kilda Marina and Wyndham Harbour will seek to charge a monthly storage fee from any vendor, who is using their boat for any other purposes other than selling. This means vendors usage of the boat will need to be curtailed to a maximum of one visit per month to take her out for a run. Naturally, you can come on down to check on her and give her a wash as often as you like, as we recognise 'presentation is important', but don't take advantege of this offer, you know what we mean!

This does not apply to berth owners or current paying marina tenants. You are welcome to use your boat in your berth or dry storage at your leisure whilst she is listed for sale with us. Please let us know if you are planning an extended voyage, so we can advise potential buyers of her departure and return.

If you are using our free storage offer, you will need to provide us with:

1. Current vessel insurance policy. Vessel and/or Trailer must be insured for the duration of our sales campaign and insurance must remain current until after settlement date.
2. Current Victorian Registration (boat and trailer)
3. An approved Trailer Locking Device is to be supplied by the vendor for all land stored vessels

Marina access keys will not be issued. Access is via one of our St Kilda Boat Sales representatives only, during business hours. If you'de like to come on a weekend, let us know in adsvance so we can make arrangements for your access.

Whilst your Vessel and/or Trailer is stored within the marina complex for the purposes of sale, you must understand that all care, but no responsibility is taken for any vessels, trailers, options and accessories by either: St Kilda Boat Sales Pty Ltd, St Kilda Boat Sales Service Centre Pty Ltd and/or the Marina Management and Owners/Shareholders of St Kilda Marina Pty Ltd and Wynhdam Harbour Pty Ltd.


A must read for novice boaties, old salts, your partner and the kids...

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