St Kilda Marina & Wyndham Harbour
Victoria Australia

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Meet Our Team

Sales Teams

Ian Cox
Role: Boat Sales
Location: St Kilda Marina
Days On Deck: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday

Ahoy there, I'm Ian Cox and are based at our Boat Sales office at St Kilda Marina.

I started back in the late 60's when our family were always boatie people, we fished and water skied from the beach at Mordialloc. From there on the bug set in, to make boating a big part of my life. Working in the marine industry for some of the older dealers e.g. Murray Whittman Marine, Parkview Marine, Hawthorn Marine plus also enjoying the inboard V8 years at Eildon, Yarrawonga and Nagambie.

It came to a close for many years as I was ingrossed in the corporate world. But a few years back that all changed when I met Darren Finkelstein and joined his sales team.

I'm a very proud husband and grandfather and are delighted to share with you, your kids and maybe even your grandkids, all the great things to do on a boat right here in Victoria.

Come on down and say g'day!

M: 0450-351 698
W: 03) 9525-5500

Matthew Broughan
Boat Sales
Location: St Kilda Marina and Wyndham Harbour 
Days on Deck: 
St Kilda Marina: Monday - Tuesday
Wyndham Harbour: Wednesday, Thursday & Friday

Ahoy there, I'm Matthew and are lucky enough to work at both of our Boat Sales offices: St Kilda Marina and Wyndham Harbour.

As long as I can remember I have always been fascinated with the waterways and the pleasures that boating & boats themselves have to offer. I am now 22 years old and just completed my Bachelors degree in International Business.

When I’m not on the on the footy field or on the golf course I can be found mixing songs as a DJ! I love music and entertaining crowds into the early hours of a Sunday morning.

My obsession with boating began with my families first boat, a Caribbean Caprice at the age of three. An old 16 foot cuddy cabin powered by a 70hp Johnson Seahorse which spent more time in the workshop than the water. Fast forward to 2008 and dad (Patrick) purchased a brand new Caribbean Reef Runner, naturally from St Kilda Boat Sales!

What a delight its been; perfect for mum, dad, my two sisters & myself to enjoy a great day out fishing (always take Grandpa for his breadth of knowledge), cruising with a few beverages overlooking the CBD or the versatility of water-sports activities it offers. 

Often towed to Lakes Entrance over the Christmas holiday period where we enjoy all those aforementioned above in the most pristine waters of Victoria. There is nothing better than spending a day or weekend on the water with family & friends, and boating will forever remain my favourite and most passionate pastime. 

I could not be a bigger advocate for Caribbean Boats and want to share my experiences with you!
Give me a call or come and visit so we can talk.

M: 0458-032 795

Robert Bradley
Role: RYA Yachtmaster and Instructor, Yacht Sales Advisor
Location: Wyndham Harbour and St Kilda Marina (has yachts, will travel)
Days On Deck: Monday to Sunday (always hanging at the marina)

St Kilda Boat Sales welcomes Robert Bradley, our new Yacht Sales Advisor and RYA Yachtmaster and Instructor, to the team.  

Our new location at Wyndham Harbour is suited to yachts, as well as powerboats, and Robert is the ideal person to help you find your first yacht or upgrade from an existing yacht.

Robert is the chief instructor for the Sail Escapade’s Wyndham Harbour Sailing School.  As well as being an internationally recognise Royal Yacht Association Yachtmaster Instructor, Robert and his boat “Escapade” compete regularly in offshore and long distance ocean races including winning the 2013 Melbourne to Osaka cup.  

Having taken up sailing later in life with his wife and four children, his family cruising experience means he is well placed to offer advice on the best type of yacht to fit your your budget sailing requirements and sailing requirements be that family cruising, couples sailing or an interest in more competitive sailing.  

So if your thinking about a boat but not sure what type, what size or how much, why not give him a call or, better still, make an appointment to talk to Robert about what’s best for you.

E: and
M: 0418-574 360

Dealer Principal

Michael Polan
Role: Boat Sales
Location: Wyndham Harbour
Days On Deck: Monday - Saturday

Ahoy there, I'm Michael Polan and are based at our Boat Sales office at Wyndham Harbour.

After 30 years living in Shepparton, running a succesful Wool buying business, Mandy my wife and I have returned to the big smoke of Melbourne. Being a long time suffering Doggies supporter we decided to move to the western suburbs and Altona was the spot that we settled on with it's magnificent beach and cafes. As it turned out we were the missing link, the last piece in the puzzle of the Doggies tale. Mandy and I were married on our island at Waranga Basin in 2001. We Have 6 kids Sara, Molly, Brooke, Dylan, Kyle and Billie all grown up now, but still costing us just as much even though they have all moved out.
With Mandy and the kids I have had some great times on and around the water, whether its camping, watersking and Jetsking at Waranga Basin, canoeing down the Gouldburn River, holidaying on houseboats at Eildon or dropping a line in the many waterways around our great state of Victoria. Growing up my family Christmas holidays were always at Rosebud starting Boxing day for two weeks they were full of swimming and fishing in Port Phillip Bay.
I love see others also taking advantage of how being around and on the water is a great way to spend your leisure time and bring family and friends together.

M: 0409-800 523

We Connect People

- it's actually about connecting and reconnecting people....

  • Moving the kids off the computer and into the outdoors to breathe fresh air and learn important life skills.
  • Clearing the way for parents to not focus on work  for long enough to teach the kids to waterski, catch a fish and make conversation.
  • We want to empower the ladies so they too can enjoy quality time on the water with their family and not just spectate from the sidelines, but to participate hands on with the family unit.
  • Getting the blokes together to catch that big one that last time got away..... and to talk to their mates 'about stuff' and we know that is good for men's health. To have the ladies catch 'the fish of the day' becuase it's not just about the blokes.

Never before has there been a better time to get on the water, sharing quality time with family and friends. It's all about lifestyle, because you know that life is too short. 

For your 'complete and pleasurable boating experience' check out our current list of new and used boats listed for sale, then contact the crew at the St Kilda Boat Sales office at St Kilda Marina or Wyndham Harbour.

Sales:     03) 9525-5500
Service:  03) 9534-8213

Here's our pitch

Our business is truly unique because; we sell luxury new and used power boats and sailing craft, we service, we repair, we fuel and we wash them all at St Kilda Marina and at Wyndham Harbour; Melbourne's newest Marina to the west.

We are a true one-stop shop for all things marine, where a 'complete and pleasurable boat ownership experience' is our focus. 

At St Kilda Boat Sales our typical clients are the self-employed, retiree’s, senior executives and leading entrepreneurs - who are all looking to get out on the water.

We are an industry Accredited Boat Dealer and have long term fuel contracts with the Water Police and the Coast Guard. Every year we service and repair over 300 boats in our fully equipped workshop, by our team of trained mechanics and marine professionals.

In working with that many boats and that many owners, we’ve realized there are three main problems that exist:

1.   Boat owners are busy people, what they don’t want is a boat soaking up more of their time.
2.   Owners don't have the required expertise to problem solve, which makes them nervous about owning a boat.
3.   Owners hate having to juggle and coordinate all the different marine services on offer.

What we’ve found is that buyers just want to trust just one company, to do everything 'boating' for them.

So that’s exactly where we fit in.....

You can trust our team, to take the hassle out of boating. Our expertise takes all of the worry out of boat ownership. From the time you purchase your boat from us we’ll even teach you and your family how to drive the boat, leaving you feeling confident and comfortable on the water. We provide ongoing service and repairs so your boat is safe and our regular cleaning and washing service ensures that your boat is always looks great and is well-cared for.

The reason we are so passionate about boating is there has never been a better time to get on the water, sharing quality time with family and friends. You know it's all about lifestyle because life is too short.

You can trust us with your safety; you can rely on us to look after all of your boating needs. We just want you to enjoy quality time, so let us take care of the rest.

Our goal is to make our customers feel at ease and excited about boat ownership. We want your precious time on the water to be both complete and pleasurable.

We are completely committed to Boat Ownership, after all;  “Life Is Better With A Boat”.

We're Accredited and Approved

*   Accredited Dealer BIA Vic
*   Licenced Second-Hand Dealer & Pawnbroker No: 9680
*   Vic Roads Certified Delegate No: RC 0429/1


A must read for novice boaties, old salts, your partner and the kids...

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