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Making Dreams Happen

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Customer Reviews

What our clients say...

Informative, educational and a great read

About 4 weeks ago I said to my wife & family that I wanted to buy a boat. Then a few days later I was given your book 'Honey, let's buy a BOAT! as a gift. Perfect timing!

I found this book very informative, educational & a great read. I am now much more knowledgeable about every aspect of buying, operating & owning a boat. Darren also personally gave me very helpful advice when it came to looking at used boats vs new boats. I can certainly recommend this book to anyone considering buying a boat. 
Braham Korman


Outstanding job

This is a brief note of thanks for a great job you did in handling the purchase of the used Caribbean 24 Open recently. I found your support, advice and sale process to be exceptional and most professional indeed! The entire purchase process was a smooth and efficient one from beginning to end. Matthew was also a terrific help in providing me access to the marina over the weekends and showing me "the ropes" of the new boat.

My thanks for your support and after sale contact to make certain all was running smoothly with the new boat - which it is!

Again Darren - an outstanding job by St Kilda Boat Sales. 

All the best and kind regards 
Bob Richardson - Corporate Advisor

Read the book, purchased the BOAT!

Over the years I have owned several racing yachts, but recently decided it was time to 

have a break from competitive sailing. There was no way I could stay away from the water altogether, and it was not long before I crossed paths with Darren in my search for a modest powerboat. I immediately read his book "Honey, let's buy a boat" - a fascinating and honest incite into the joys (and potential pitfalls) of boat ownership! His book helped me to determine what my priorities were... Something the whole family would enjoy and be able to easily manage, big enough to entertain friends, enough power to quickly outrun the dirtiest of weather!!

Ironically, the boat of choice, a Caribbean 32 Flybridge Cruiser, lay in waiting for me at St Kilda marina! Following Darren's own advice, the necessary hull and mechanical checks were completed and a deal struck!

Suffice to say my whole family are now enjoying our boating more than ever... I can't recommend highly enough the value of reading Darren's book and in my case the ease in which he facilitated the purchase of our new boat! Thank-you Darren!

Rob Davis -  CEO Corporate Cleaning Group

Quality family time

If you are going to buy a 'mid-life crisis toy' the best angle for a green light from 'the wife' is to explain that a Porsche fits 2 but a boat fits the family.... Caribbean 26 Open was my pick and there are heaps of them in Melbourne. Especially with custom fitted lounges which are ideal for your Bay. I spotted one at St Kilda Boat Sales the week before Christmas 2011, Darren at SKBS was fantastic. We reached a deal on the understanding that he would get it trucked to Sydney in time for all went well.

A mid-life crisis was averted and I would definitely recommend him and St Kilda Boat Sales. 

Patrick Delany - CEO Fox Sports Australia 


Knowing the facts

Knowing your options and all of the facts will get you on the water, enjoying quality time with family and friends. And that will build a healthy and active boating community. Boating in Australia has always been an attractive outdoor activity that is both healthy for the mind and the body. Fundamentally, Australia is an island - boating just makes sense!

Steve Potts - CEO Boating Industry Association (Victoria)


It's all about the lifestyle

I have never met anyone with the level of knowledge about buying boats as Darren. He is a straight shooter with a total commitment to get people on the water, living the great Australian lifestyle. His book (Honey, let's buy a BOAT!) is a must read for new and experienced boaties alike.

Andrew Griffiths -  Best Selling Author and Boat Lover (Cairns FNQ)


Darren knows...

I’ve bought and sold several boats from Darren at St Kilda Boat Sales for many of years now and actively recommend him to many of my friends. He sure knows what he is doing. When it comes to power boats, Darren is my MAN.

Andrew Fox - LINFOX


Understand all the aspects...

This is a thank you email to express our appreciation at the manner in which the purchase of our boat was executed by yourself. It was extremely pleasant to deal with you and discuss and understand all the aspects of purchasing the boat. Your professional and courteous style was very much appreciated and your understanding when a couple of small issues arose was very refreshing in our busy day to day world. I have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone who may inquire about where I purchased the boat from, and should you require any further recommendation or endorsement I would be most happy to oblige.

The experience was a very positive one and I congratulate you on a job well done. Thank you and kind regards.

Michael Dalton - Environment, Health & Safety, Australia - Lend Lease


There's plenty more.....

All testimonials, are 1mb Acrobat .pdf's and been published with permission of the writer, naturally.

Beach N' Bay reports feedback...

From: Shane Still <

Darren, thank you for your comprehensive boating report, it makes making a decision on when to go boating much easier for a novice like myself.
Knowing which area is safest when the wind is blowing from certain directions is great.
Keep up the good work.
Thank You

Our Dealership Profile

Read our Dealership Profile that featured in Trailer Boat Magazine. On sale Feb 10 - March 9, 2010 - Issue No: 253. This article was written by the magazine and featured on page 114.

Dealer Q&A as published in Trade-A-Boat special edition No: 400 (1mb .pdf)

Our Slogan - More Than Just Words!

In reading the above profile of Richard Mollard, don't you just admire his vision and ability to dream!!

We at St Kilda Boat Sales were so caught up in Richard's plans from 2006, when he first came into our office to talk boats and dreams.

Right from the beginning, were so involved in the production of NAVIS II, Richard's Caribbean 40 Flybridge Cruiser, that we felt proud with a sense of acheivement that we were able to assist and make Richard's dreams come true, that we created the slogan for our business "Making Dreams Happen".

Our friendship with Richard is still as strong as ever and our slogan, we still use with pride today.

In late 2008, we trucked NAVIS II back to Melbourne from Cairns, and in early 2009 NAVIS II was placed on the market and offered for sale, giving the ability for someone else's dreams to come true!

Ready for another adventure....



A must read for novice boaties, old salts, your partner and the kids...

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