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Two busts in a night for fisheries

  Published February 1st, 2016

Fisheries Officers stationed at Altona (Vic) had a busy shift last Thursday night apprehending two men with 174 abalone at Seaholme then two more men in possession of three illegal mesh nets in the Werribee River.

Acting Director of Fisheries Education and Enforcement, Bob Hutton, said most of the abalone seized at Seaholme were allegedly undersize, but were returned to the water by officers.

“The two men, aged 36 and 24 from Caroline Springs, will be charged with possessing a commercial quantity of abalone, taking abalone during the closed season, taking molluscs from the intertidal zone and using a sharp implement to take abalone,” Mr Hutton said.

“All of their dive gear was seized on the spot and a brief of evidence is being prepared for their court appearance.

“Later that night at 11.50pm, the same officers apprehended two men, both aged 35 from Melton South and Brooklyn, allegedly in the process of setting mesh nets in the Werribee River, adjacent to the Werribee Golf Course.

“One net had been set, the second was being prepared and the third net was laid out on the river bank.”

Mr Hutton said the first net had not been in the water long and had caught only one black bream. Thankfully, no wildlife had been ensnared in the net.

“Officers seized the three nets, single bream and the men’s late model Mazda, and a brief of evidence is being prepared for their court appearance.

“They are facing charges of using and possessing commercial fishing equipment and not having a recreational fishing licence.”

Anyone who sees or suspects illegal fishing activity is urged to call Fisheries Victoria’s 24 hour reporting line 13 FISH (13 3474).

News artice reprinted from ShipMate

Darren Finkelstein - 'The Boat Guy'

Darren Finkelstein is 'The Boat Guy' with over 35 years of boating experience to share.

Author of the award winning bestseller:
Honey, let's buy a BOAT! and follow up sequel; Honey, let's go BOATING! and now the final book in the popular: Honey, let's series.... Honey, let's sell the BOAT! 

Darren is the proud boating ambassador and Marina Manager at Wyndham Harbour, Victoria's newest marina and hub for recreational boating on the northwestern shores of Port Phillip.

Considered by many as an industry expert, Darren has an active media presence. You will often hear him on radio, view his video blogs, read his articles or watch him on stage at boat shows, corporate and lifestyle events.  

Listen to Darren on radio 3AW as he delivers his unique Beach N' Bay reports <live> each summer. Watch Darren on Foxtel and ch7 presenting for the TV show "All About Boats", he is an on-screen presenter and ambassador for "Life's Better With A Boat" campaign for the Boating Industry Association of Victoria. 

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A must read for novice boaties, old salts, your partner and the kids...

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