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Honey, let's sell the BOAT!

  Published February 1st, 2017

Many have said "they knew it was coming" and that it was only "a matter of time" before Darren Finkelstein 'The Boat Guy' released the final book in the very popular "Honey, let's" trilogy.... 

"The Boat Guy" has taken many a wanna-be boatie and even some old salts, on a literary cruise over the past six years with the release of his amazing trilogy of books written about his passion for boating and all things being on the water. Darren began this author jouney is 2012 with the relase of his award winning, bestselling forst book called; 

Honey, let's buy a BOAT! 
Boat Ownership, Everythnig you wanted to know about buying (and selling) a recreational power boat but didnt know who to ask.

The lure of boating in its myriad forms has touched most Australians at one time or another. Many succumb, some resist and many wish they could take the plunge but are wary of the challenges of buying and operating their own boat.

We have all seen the terror on the faces of people trying to climb into an unstable small boat or watched at a marina as an unfortunate skipper caught by wind or tide struggles to park his sleek new million-dollar toy.

Boat ownership and handling appears so difficult and boating terminology seems both archaic and bewildering. There is port and starboard instead of a simple left and right. Cleats and lines and galleys and heads, cockpits and bilges; it is an occupation seemingly designed to intimidate. 

Honey, let's buy a BOAT!, is a straightforward guide through the seeming maze of power boat purchasing. The only 'How to' book in Australia. You will learn expert tips from an industry insider with 35yrs of boating experience to share

  • Advice on buying used and new
  • Pre-Purchase Inspections
  • Making An Offer, Clear Title
  • Negotiate the right deal for the right boat
  • Ideal for both buyers and sellers
  • 360 pages with colour photos
  • Engines, Storage, Maintenance & Costs
  • Safety & Weather, Trailers & Berths
  • Advice + Tips will SAVE you $'000s

Two years later, "The Boat Guy" wrote:

Honey, let's go BOATING!
101 Bucket list of Boating Destinations
(Victorian Edition) 

From secret inland waterways to postcard-perfect coastlines, Honey, let’s go BOATING! is the definitive book on Victorian boating destinations.

Darren Finkelstein’s latest book is a bucket list of more than 101 must-see boating locations in Victoria and features more than 930 pages on the state’s best boating escapes.

Finkelstein says his new book is perfect for seasoned boaties and keen amateurs alike.

“I’ve written the book for a wide variety of people - for skippers to know where’s a great place to go in particular conditions and for mums and dads to explain to their kids about the destinations to which they are going boating so they get an understanding of the history behind these terrific places so many Melbournians take for granted,” he says.

“Getting out in a boat is a fantastic family holiday and a great way to get the kids off the computer and out into the great outdoors.”

“You can go to the footy in your boat, a lot of people do that by heading down to Etihad Stadium in the boat instead of battling the traffic and trying to find a car parking spot,” he says.

“At Christmas time you can jump in your boat and head down to Patterson Lakes where there are Christmas lights in the houses along the canals.”

The final book in the Honey, let's.... trilogy is:

Honey, let's sell the BOAT!
Finding the right buyer at the right price.
- 9 Practical Steps - 

Looking to sell before buying another?  Or maybe it’s time to move on? 

For some boaties the reality is, they just didn’t use the boat as much as expected. Perhaps the kids were doing other things, the weather was far from ideal, or perhaps their boating needs have changed.

Maybe the young boy on the TV car commercial is onto something when he says: “time to get a bigger boat”

“Whether a big boat, trailer boat, cruiser, pwc, tinny or sailing craft, the same principles apply. Written for the Australian marketplace from the unique perspective of an ‘industry insider’ with tons of experience. This book answers all of your questions"  - Steven Potts, CEO Boating Industry Association Of Victoria

In this book you will discover;       

  • What are your selling choices? Go it alone or hire an expert
  • What's your boat really worth? Researching for fair market value
  • Best bang for your advertising dollar. Where and how to advertise
  • Competing in an overcrowded market  
  • Preparing your boat (and trailer) for sale
  • Selling with clear-title. What if you owe money?
  • Pre-purchase inspections and sea-trials. Beware of time wasters
  • Offers, deposits and settlement day
  • Learning from others’ mistakes

All of "The Boat Guys" titles are available in paperback and in all eBook formats.

To order your copies, click here.

Darren Finkelstein - 'The Boat Guy'

Darren Finkelstein is 'The Boat Guy' with over 35 years of boating experience to share.

Author of the award winning bestseller:
Honey, let's buy a BOAT! and follow up sequel; Honey, let's go BOATING! and now the final book in the popular: Honey, let's series.... Honey, let's sell the BOAT! 

Darren is the proud boating ambassador and Marina Manager at Wyndham Harbour, Victoria's newest marina and hub for recreational boating on the northwestern shores of Port Phillip.

Considered by many as an industry expert, Darren has an active media presence. You will often hear him on radio, view his video blogs, read his articles or watch him on stage at boat shows, corporate and lifestyle events.  

Listen to Darren on radio 3AW as he delivers his unique Beach N' Bay reports <live> each summer. Watch Darren on Foxtel and ch7 presenting for the TV show "All About Boats", he is an on-screen presenter and ambassador for "Life's Better With A Boat" campaign for the Boating Industry Association of Victoria. 

Connect and get social with Darren: Twitter Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+


A must read for novice boaties, old salts, your partner and the kids...

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