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Our leisure boats are designed to be lightweight, fast, and near unsinkable. Each Moby Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) is handmade from the best materials available on the market to fulfil every requirement for quality, longevity and versatility. With an Italian fibreglass hull, tubes made from 1.2 mm thick Belgian-made ORCA Hypalon material, and stunning teak floors, a Moby RIB withstands wind, weather and every demanding use. Our leisure boats offer maximum performance and remain robust, light and agile.

There's no secret that Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs) are the boat of choice in the military. But what is more unknown perhaps is that the benefits that make the army seek them out are also transferable to leisure boating.

With buoyancy tubes protected by a further 3mm rubber guard, an inflatable boat can easily moor up to a dock, a rocky cliffside, or to another boat without worry. The inflatable tubes provide a luxuriously smooth ride and an altogether unique boating experience by offering additional seating. A RIB can hold a larger engine than its non-inflatable counterparts, making it the faster alternative. What's even better, their lightweight design not only makes them more fuel efficient, but they can also be towed behind a medium sized car.

Note: price excludes engine and fit up.

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  • Length Overall: 3.66m (12′ 0″Ft)
  • Hull Material: Inflatable
  • Reference: MOB12

Price : $19,800 AUD

  • Builder
  • Launched 2021
  • Registration Number
  • Engine
  • Hours Approx.
  • Lying St Kilda Marina
  • Boat Length 3.66m (12′ 0″Ft)

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