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27 Open (Runabout) - CUSTOM

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Uniquely Individual - Totally Bespoke

Unique and exclusive to St Kilda Boat Sales. Customise Your Boat - Unique and Individually Created, Hand-Crafted To Meet Your Exact Requirements!

Simply put, we take a stock standard factory finished Caribbean Open (Runabout), which we can order from the Caribbean factory, void of an internal layout (cheaper and best way to start) and then hand-create a finished product that is trailored to the owners individual needs and desires from a floor plan that it uniqiely and individually created.

customize, customise [ˈkʌstəˌmaɪz]

(tr) to make (something) according to a customer's individual requirements

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Strauss Signature - 'Silver Series Custom'

Fox / Gannon Signature - 'Gold Series Custom'

Perry Signature - 'Diamond Series Custom'


Emma Connell - 'Private Collection'

Design Showcase

Our showcase highlights a range of different designs, shapes and spaces personally created, to meet the owners individual needs and ideas. These Caribbean 24, 26 and Caribbean 27 Open (Runabouts) featured are just a few of the individual vessels weve' lovingly built to create the perfect 'Day Boat'.

It is no coincidence that the largest collection of Caribbean Open Runabouts, are located on Melbourne's Mornington Peninsula. Many on swing moorings at Sorrento or Portsea as the perfect 'day boat'.

Our strength in the process, is undertaking all of the works and process 'in-house' here at St Kilda Marina under our project management and expertise. Being able to create usuable spaces whilst retaining the timeless lines of the Bertram inspired Caribbean Boats. Notice the useable spaces, clean lines and attention to detail .... We draw your attention to the use of Hand-Laid Teak, the redesign of Covers to give more head space, easy access to the Engine Bay and the strategic placement of Sweeping Lounges.

Simply perfect! Just kick back and enjoy your quality time with family on the water in the perfect 'day boat'.

What can be done?

  • Teak Deck (Hand-Laid, including: swim platform and side-steps)
  • Single-level floor (remove steps)
  • Installation of Ice Chest or Refrigeration
  • Sweeping lounges to either; port or starboard-side or commonly both
  • Conversion of engine box cover to double sun-lounge with gas lift struts for easy access. Well padded and very comfortable
  • Relocation of battery switches, deck showers etc
  • Upholstery of  lounges using original factory materials with Caribbean logo’s - if required.
  • New vessel Bimini and Storm Covers (incl; Clear inserts above windscreen and Bimini height raised)
  • Installation of  marine electronics inc: iPod input, Sounders, GPS, Chart-Plotters, AM/FM CD, TV’s etc
  • Single-Lever Controls (makes driving the vessel so much easier)
  • S/S fold-up ladders with teak steps

The process to create the boat of your dreams is really quite simple as we project manage the entire process for you. Whilst we encourange your involvement (but not mandatory) we ensure ample leg room and lounge sizing, designed to suit your individual height requirements.

The hard part is usually agreeing on the vessels layout with your family, as your choices are virtually unlimited. Usually only restricted by your imagination, or of course your budget.

The simplest way to create the boat of your dreams is to ORDER your new Caribbean Boat for us, heavily discounted of course.

This ensures we can order the boat from the factory in the most simplest configuration appropriate to your works (it's usually cheaper and avoids waste). 

We are delighted to create a fixed-price agreement for the supply of the new vessel and customised fit-out of your new Caribbean 27 (Open) Runabout.

Starting Guide


  • Think about what you want to do with your boat and share ideas with your friends
  • Take photos of some layouts that you may have seen so we can incorporate into your design.
  • Use our vessel floorplan to make some rough sketches of what you would like to change or create.
  • Let us show you a couple of boats that we have already customized, here at St Kilda Marina.
  • We will co-ordinate all of the required marine trades and offer you a fixed price quotation for all of the works. All works will be carried out here at our Marina and Service Centre.
  • Depending on your level of customization and the time of the year (weather dependant) the process can take anywhere from 2 – 6 weeks.

Price of Customisation

The cost is totally dependant on what customization you require.

Give us a call to discuss your needs. The beauty of customising a new vessel directly from the Caribbean factory, is that we can order her in a very basic form to begin with, without her internal fixtures or fittings which will usually be removed anyway. Therefore minimizing the cost, before we begin the process….


  • Print-out this floorplan
  • Simply, trace over the top on plain paper, your desired changes and modifications.
  • Give us a couple of different layouts so we can discuss the functionality with you.
  • Lets us price the entire customisation for you!!

    Caribbean 27 (Open) Runabout - Floorplan

Next Steps

Give Darren at Boat Sales Office a call on: 03) 9525-5500 or 0418-379 369 to discuss your ideas and plans.

Our expert vessel knowledge and eye for detail will make this process simple and easy.

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Ethanol Blended Fuel

Date:     25/11/2009
From:   International Marine, (makers of Caribbean Boats)

   Notice to ALL dealers

For immediate circulation to all

With the increasing availability of ethanol blended fuels, we find it timely to reiterate our caution as listed in our Boat Owner’s Manual regarding its use in boats.

Ethanol blended fuels are NOT suitable for use in FRP and aluminium fuel tanks, NOR are they suitable for the fuel system and the motor/s installed. We would therefore urge you to pass on this very important information to all your customers with petrol powered boats of any brand. 

John Barbar
International Marine Pty. Ltd


A must read for novice boaties, old salts, your partner and the kids...

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